Cover Letter Templates

When designing your cover letter, the key is to stand out to recruiters while also respecting the industry’s norms in which you’re applying. This is what makes a wide selection of cover letter templates so valuable, as applicants to law firms, beauty salons, manufactures, or tech companies would each face different expectations from hiring managers.

Here are three questions to ask yourself before choosing a cover letter template:

  1. Does this template’s design match the role you seek?
    Ensuring you understand the culture of where you’re applying is important to convincing recruiters you’re the right fit. While many cover letter templates are versatile, choosing the wrong template can be critical when sending out an application.
  2. Should I use the same cover letter template for every job application?
    Unless you’re always applying for the same role at extremely similar companies, you should always reassess your cover letter’s design each time you apply. Even if your chosen roles are all the same, it may still be worth picking different templates for organization purposes and reminding yourself to differentiate your writing too.
  3. Is this template optimized for ATS software?
    Like our resume templates, our cover letter templates boast simple, professional designs free of any clutter or unusual images that might trip up applicant tracking systems. Not every ATS scans covers letters the same way they do resumes, but each of our templates will be a safe bet if they do.
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